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You’re on the search for balance:

at home, at work, in life

You’re used to defining yourself by your work and your career achievements.  But, now that you’re also a mother, you’re struggling to unite the ambitious career woman with the mama staring back at you in the mirror.  

You want to be taken seriously at work, but it’s exhausting pretending like you’re only an employee from 9-5 and not also a parent struggling to make it all work at home.  

You want to do something that lights you up outside of being a mother, but you also want to be present in your child’s life.  It’s making you question yourself and your career decisions.

You’re on the search for balance: at home, at work, in your life.  

You’re in just the right place, mama! This is where I come in as your mother-centered Career Coach. 

Let me help you step into a new mindset that fits your career aspirations perfectly, with motherhood built right in.

Motherhood done differently

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Why work with A Mother-Centered career coach? 

I’ve been where you are today.

Hi! I’m Andrea Bombino, founder and mother-centered Career and Business Coach, and mama to a funny, smart, and spirited 4 year old daughter.  

I know how tough it can be to feel the push and pull between motherhood and your career aspirations.  I understand how overwhelming being in between the ‘old’ you and the ‘new’ you can be.  I know the uncertainty of wondering if you can still climb the corporate ladder and make room for motherhood at the same time. 

As your Coach, I show you how to step into a new mindset that fits your career aspirations perfectly, with motherhood built right in.  Here’s the thing: I truly believe motherhood can be done differently, less perfectly, in fact. What you need is a way to navigate your career path amongst the challenges and opportunities of modern motherhood.  It’s about getting clarity and direction in your career so that you can create a life that lights you up and helps you live your life on purpose.

This road can be challenging, but with a few mindset shifts, you can set yourself up to own your decisions.  That’s the power of using motherhood as an opportunity for self-discovery and growth in your career.  You have what it takes within you to navigate these uncharted waters.  I know this, because I’ve done it, and I’m sure you’ve done hard things, too.   I’m here to help you reignite that belief in yourself and cheer you on. 


I KNOW what those internal shifts feel like

Everything I had accomplished in my life and professional career seemed to vanish when I became pregnant.  I began to doubt my ability to be a mother AND be a member of the paid workforce at the same time.  I was scared I would fail (at home and at work), I was angry that there weren’t better systems in place for mothers in the workplace and most of all, I lacked the confidence and clarity to move forward.  

After our daughter was born I wanted to control every aspect of our home life because I thought it was my responsibility as a mother to do it all.  If I actually let anyone help, I acted like it wasn’t up to my own standards and as a result ended up pushing others away unintentionally.  What’s worse is I became numb and overwhelmed by all of the  seemingly endless decisions required in parenthood.  

At work, I tried to act like the same person I was before I went on maternity leave: doing whatever it took to get that next raise or promotion and taking on a variety of tasks outside of my job responsibilities to stand out as someone who always goes above and beyond.  

Daycare bug after daycare bug infected our home lives and we lived on a constant rotation of someone being unwell.  I rose early to try to create some semblance of a normal “me-time routine”, I went hard all day at work, and I went to bed late after working on passion projects.  I burnt the candle at all ends, while making every effort to prove to everyone (including myself), that I was still the same ambitious woman I was before I became a mother. Until I crashed.  

Here’s what I’ve learned: it’s okay if your dreams, career aspirations, and relationships change dramatically after you become a mother.  Studying matrescence has given me the language to understand that these life changes and transitions are normal, and we are not alone in these experiences.  It’s helped me value the in-between times of change and the ‘ands’ in motherhood, like I can be strong AND vulnerable at the same time.  

I have 13+ years of experience mentoring, training and coaching others to reach their full potential at companies like LinkedIn, Gartner and Insight Global.  During this time I’ve cultivated practices around mindset, resilience, confidence and goal setting.  Becoming a mother was the catalyst for diving into my own self-discovery journey and subsequent career expansion.  These learnings have led me to create methods to help other women experience similar opportunities for inner reflection and professional growth.   

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and am a certified Motherhood Studies Practitioner via Dr. Sophie Brock which means I understand the way our society frames motherhood and how this impacts our lives, especially from a professional perspective.  I am a certified Life Coach with a focus on mindset and happiness, and have also spent extensive time and research studying matrescence.  My focus on matrescence has led to my certification as  a Mama Rising Facilitator (a new way of talking about, supporting and honoring motherhood) with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, and studies of the Seasons of Matrescence® with Nikki McCahon. 

Why mother-centered coaching

I created my offerings with the intention of reimagining the future of work for women and mothers.  I want to inspire women to take hold of their career, their motherhood experience, and their lives and decide to do it all differently: less perfectly, and more authentically. 

It’s normal to wonder if you’re making the right career moves and to be worried about what these decisions mean for your family, but we so rarely hear this side of the conversation.  Life is too short to be lived through the lens of what you “should” be doing, what your mothering “should” look like, or what trajectory your career “should” take.  Yet we let these “shoulds” dictate our day to day and those days turn into months and then years.

We have the choice to do motherhood our own way, and to work in a way that fills our cup without overflowing with resentment and bitterness.  Let me help you shed the feelings of uncertainty and worry, the self-judgment and the lack of self-confidence. Let me help you fill that cup with joy, fun and a sense of purpose and fulfilment.  Let me help you envision and create a life you truly love.


Your dream life starts here

1:1 Coaching

Where traditional Career Coaching takes a mother-centered approach to help you uncover your values and how they align with your career aspirations.  Customised 1:1 coaching to help you clarify your ambitions while navigating modern motherhood and avoiding burnout.

The Motherhood Collective Group Program

Learn tangible skills to create work/life balance and navigate modern motherhood as a career-focused woman.  Hosted via a virtual group setting once a week for 8 weeks.

Online Courses

Learn the basics of what identity changes you can expect as you go through motherhood and methods for managing the challenges you’ll encounter.  Access to self-paced courses that allow you to learn and grow on your own time.

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz


Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

“Andrea is one of the most passionate and dedicated matrescence coaches I have had the honour to work with. She brings together a unique perspective on corporate workplace culture and motherhood which helps women break through so many of the barriers and struggles of motherhood. Since first meeting her, she has quickly become a leader in advocacy for mother's in the workplace. It's inspiring to witness.”

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