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The modern workplace is changing. 

The modern workplace is changing.  Women and mothers recognize they have more options than ever before and they want to work for an organization that allows them to bring their whole self to work.  

“According to the Center for American Progress, in 1960, only 20% of mothers worked.  Today that number is 70% and the U.S. Labor Department notes that 75% of these women work full-time.  In December 2020, CNBC reported that 9.8 million working mothers in the U.S. are suffering from burnout.  That’s nearly one third of the 35 million working mothers in America, with more than half of mothers with children under 18 reporting a significant decrease in their mental health since the COVID-19 epidemic began.”

According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an individual employee is anywhere from one-half to two times an employee’s annual salary (and, as Gallup qualifies – this is a conservative estimate).  

Offering well-thought out and inclusive parental leave programs and wellness offerings change a company’s ability to attract, promote and retain talent.  Effective parental leave policies build trust between employers and employees and result in higher employee retention and performance.

Having a strategy to change the reality for the women you employ will also change your bottom line. Preparing your workplace for this new future requires commitment and the companies that take action will be the ones who survive the new normal that’s emerging around the world.

Is your company ready to redefine the future of work and reimagine inclusivity and belonging for parents?

Andrea Bombino offers the below corporate services:

Parental Leave Program Creation and Roll-out:

The Parental Leave Program Creation and Roll-out service is for companies that require assistance in creating, updating, or rolling out their Parental Leave Program.


Parental Leave Program creation that’s inclusive of parents and parents-to-be


Includes research on industry best-practice and competitor analysis of parental leave benefit and wellness programs


Examination of the company’s existing benefit program (if applicable)


Creation of pre-leave and re-onboarding strategies for new parents


Emotional Intelligence training for managers


Best practice for bridging the gaps between remote and in-person work


Creation of metrics to track program progress and success and company return on investment

Corporate Consulting:

Corporate Consulting is for businesses that want access on a retainer or workshop basis.  This service is tailored to the needs of each organization and their employees, and can take the form of either one to one or small group workshops.  

Common topics include:


Understanding Identity Changes in Career and Motherhood


Addressing Overwhelm at Home and at Work


Creating Boundaries for Healthy Work/Life Blend


Managing Imposter Syndrome


How to Avoid Burnout While Increasing Life Satisfaction


One on One Career & Life Coaching for employees

Interested in discussing these offerings further?

Schedule a 30 minute call with Andrea for an initial discussion to see if one of these services is right for your company.

“Thank you Andrea for hosting such an insightful and thoughtful workshop for our expecting mothers and returning parents at Linkedin in APAC. Bringing the conversation of motherhood into the modern workplace has been so valuable and you helped us learn tools and core frameworks designed to empower and inspire.”

Olivia Cain

APAC Programme Lead, Families at Linkedin Employee Resource Group

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